More About Me

Hi! I am Nina! Yes, that's it, remember Columbus' ship and you'll remember my name. Originally from Missouri, I soon became a world traveler when my family moved to Germany when I was five. My father served in three wars in the armed forces so we lived in many places and had many adventures. I learned about people and how different we all are with our individual talents and personalities. This has been invaluable to me during my life and professional career. After raising my children and helping my parents run their small business in Indianapolis, I worked for the Riley Children's Hospital Foundation for 13 years. I am a trained accountant, computer network operator and trainer, program developer and writer, working on everything from balance sheets to publications.

When I built my last home east of Indianapolis, I became attracted to the business of Real Estate sales. My father owned properties in Indianapolis and I had helped him buy, sell and manage those. Working with and meeting new people is my forte' so I became a Realtor, with one of the largest agencies in Indiana. Helping people achieve their dreams of buying a home or relocating to another area is very rewarding and I love it!

My experience in finance, media, and working with people from all walks of life makes me well-rounded and good at my job. Give me a call, we will make a great team!